Friday, March 15, 2013

My Tough Assistant

I stopped by the store last night and picked up box cutters. When I got home I found out that Stan Lee had been sleeping on the Nu-foam all day long - a sure sign that it is super comfortable because Stan Lee goes for the ultimate in comfort.

Stan was eager to get started cutting out the two pieces for the cushions I am making for the bench at the end of my bed. I think he may be planning on it for a future napping area.

He had only a small bit of difficulty picking up the box cutter. He has no trouble picking up the Glad storage container for his treats in his teeth and using his teeth and paws to pry it open - should that fail he just tosses it to the floor and hopes it will break open. The box cutter was something new though.

Undaunted Stan Lee prevails - I don't know about his jaws but my right arm just aches from cutting the stuff last night - two 22.5 inch cuts and one 33 inch cut. The muscles right above my elbow are just killing me.

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