Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back Home

I got home from Sequim in good time and now can't find my grocery list - perhaps it is where I put my large cutting board. I got a lot accomplished yesterday - I finished the last four light green star pieces, sewed and trimmed the sixteen dark green star pieces, and then sewed the 32 light and dark red star pieces.

I also discovered late last night that I forgot all about the material for the ruler class. The first part is learning how to use the rulers, the second part is using the class kit to make something, and the final part was to pick out one of five patterns and bring material to make it. I am using up my stash again but do need to buy some contrasting fabric. So it is off to JoAnn's which is 1.7 miles from the house before I go to the grocery store.I probably have something in storage in Sequim but I had the other material at the house in Kent. It would be nice to have everything all together.

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