Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rainbow Section is Done

My Rainbow Section - all the colored embellishments (Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown/Neutrals, Black and White, and Metallics - Pewter, Copper, Gold, Silver) have been sorted by color and are put away in ScrapRack Pages and then in Spinders (basically a 3 ring binder without covers.) They are stored in cubes in the closet until needed.

The other 2 3/4 rows of cubes will have an Alphabet Section, Calendar Section, and then a Theme Section. When I am going to scrapbook Christmas and then New Years I would then pull out Red, Green, Gold, and Silver from the Rainbow Section; then some Alphabets; and then Christmas and New Years from Calendar. If I also had a birthday in there I would pull out the Birthday spinder from the Themes section and put all of them on my ScrapRack. Everything would be there at my fingertips and easy to find.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Little Helpers

I had everything sorted by color and Stan Lee just had to get up on the counters and knock it to the floor. Later, Puddy Tat slipped on a pile of stuff trying to get into the window.

In spite of them, I made progress. I have Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue sorted and put away. I just have Purple, Browns/Neutrals, Blacks/Whites, and Metallics to do. My right arm aches so bad I am ready to die - and it is LATE. Time to go to bed.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress Report

Finished organizing the items for charity (picture coming no matter how embarrassing the quantity.) Found ScrapRack pages in every corner of the spare room and moved them to my room to sort (I hope I don't have too many - otherwise I may have to sucker someone else into buying a ScrapRack.) Sorted the last of the color items so I am ready to add them to existing Rainbow spinders (I thought the spinders I had already done had a lot of stuff - nothing compared to what needs to go into pages and spinders.) Then I can start putting away Themes and Calendar (might take awhile.)  I still have punches to do but they will have to wait until I get everything picked up off the floor and any flat surface I could find. Tomorrow is another day!

I have quilting classes March 21st through 23rd in Portland that I need to cut material for so I need to get this to a point where I can do that.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Closer

I am just about done sorting and I am now going through the stuff for charity. Tonight I will actually start putting my color stuff into ScrapRack pages. Tomorrow is Friday - short weeks seem sooooo long.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to Sorting

Eleven years ago I did two identical sets of albums (4 total- maximum number of pages) about a cross country trip we did with friends on motorcycles - 18 states in 17 days. I got the pictures selected and matched to paper and embellishments before I started it. In one 16 hour day I did 89 pages - granted it was 44 1/2 pages done twice but it was still 89 total pages. Having things organized WORKS. My problem is that I did too much shopping in the past 11 years and it kind of got away from me. :( 

I can't wait to get to the point I can start working on a holding album and planning pages. I am on here posting because my arm is tired from sorting through my Creative Memories binders and putting things by categories - I had a few categories before but not enough. I tackled a box labeled Odds and Ends and found places for everything. I also sorted through a 10 ream paper box labeled Words. And yes, Tiffany Spaulding I am purging and I plan to purge more when I put the stuff away. I ordered so many pages that I got a note on one order - "Don't forget to PURGE!!" It made me laugh because I HAD forgotten to purge. It is easier to purge now though because I know which organization I am giving my "extras' to. Tiffany also says there is no such category as Miscellaneous and she is right - you can always find a place for everything.

Row Two Progress~

Row Two is a row of eight paper-pieced stars. I had to cut 192 - 2 3/4 x 5 1/2 rectangles out of red, green, and gold in a light and dark of each and then in blue. Out of that you sew 64 sections to make eight stars. I managed to get 12 sections done in a light green, dark gold with blue - four more to go and this group will be done. Then I have - 16 dark green, light gold with blue; 16 light red, dark gold with blue; and 16 dark red, light gold with blue to go. I now have a system worked out so the rest will go faster but I ran out of paper-pieced patterns and need to print 20 more.

I am packing the car and heading home from Sequim. After I go to the grocery store and library, it will be back to sorting embellishments by category. Hopefully, I will be able to start putting categories away by tomorrow night.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

1999-2013 First Row is Done!

I am in Sequim sewing this weekend and in between reading blogs on making Amy Butler's Weekender I have managed to get the first row of my Christmas quilt done.

The first row

The last two churches

The first three churches
The Star row is next - I have to cut the strips of material used in the foundation piecing of the stars.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Lost has been Found

Last night just before I went to bed I was unpacking a couple of boxes I thought had embellishments and I found a box of supplies - adhesive and tape and my missing Spellbinders which I knew had to turn up some time. I was just a little worried because I thought the remaining boxes had ScrapRack pages and embellishments. The embellishments are already sorted by category so they will just need to either go into pages or be purged. I heard from my Make a Wish contact tonight and when I am ready a volunteer will meet me after work to pick up my "extra" scrapbooking supplies for the kids. I know that they probably get bored and tired of being in the hospital when having treatment I just wasn't sure how to get the stuff to them. I had contacted her a year ago and then life interrupted my sorting.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Scrapbook Room is Done!

My scrapbooking room is done! It took 3 1/2 weeks to get things unpacked, sorted and put away. I have all of my colored and patterned paper done. Last year at this time I sorted 85% of my colored embellishments - most of them by daylight and candle light when we lost power for three days. Not much else to do since I didn't want to drive around in the ice and snow. I also have 6 large paper containers sorted by color for charity.


This is the third set of shelving which is right inside the door.

Last night after I took pictures I started sorting my paper and embellishments by theme. It is actually going a lot faster than I thought it would! I should be done sorting by tomorrow night and then I just have to put them in ScrapRack pages and spinders,
In case you have forgotten - this is before...

and after!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Progress!!

I didn't get to go to Sequim and quilt this weekend because I had the flu - so I ended up working on my scrapbook room. Paper done and card making supplies done. Photos were already chronological, but I will sort them as I get pages ready to do.

Here are my before pictures ~
As you walk through the door ~

The middle of the room ~
The right half of the room ~

Yes - there were a lot of boxes in that room! No wonder the movers asked if I had seen "Hoarders."  The two of them carried every box up the stairs on their backs.

Now the after or the almost done ~

The top has stuff for grandkid albums, the next
two shelves are colored cardstock, the next is Creative
Memories colored and print and the bottom has
card making supplies
The top shelf has projects; the next shelf has pattern paper by color; the third shelf contains current pages; the fourth shelf has blank pages, Chatterbox paper and two containers of memorabilia; and the bottom shelf has specialty paper and memorabilia.

The lateral file contains my genealogy papers and I plan on putting my Scrap Rack on it for scrapbooking. Some day I will have a genealogy Scrap Rack also!

It took every night last week to sort and alphabetize my stamps and to update my stamp inventory books.

I am re purposing my old computer armoire and now it will store scrapbook supplies.

My Ikea Besta stamp cabinet with ink on each side
of five stamp inventory binders and three stamp technique binders.

Just one door is open - I also added an extra shelf to each side. Stamps are stored alphabetically and the inventory is by category.

An Ikea Expedit Workstation will go against the right wall. The bottom four cubbyholes will have my punches and the upper four will have my most used tools.  Marc has it almost finished and once it is I can finish putting away equipment and tools. There is also a partially filled third shelving unit as you first walk in the door.

Before I moved I sorted and put in ScrapRack pages all of my colored embellishments. Of course, I found more while I was packing and haven't done any of the categories like birthday, Christmas, camping, etc. Below is the last thing I have to tackle - paper and embellishments by category - right now stored in the spare room. There are a couple of empty boxes that I am saving to cut and then cover with material for my room divider in my bedroom - and the boxes in the upper left corner are Marc's. About two-thirds of the stuff is already by category and just needs to be put in ScrapRack pages. I am looking forward to having this done!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


By Friday night I had all my paper sorted (I worked on it all last weekend and every night) and Saturday I finished putting it away. I already have a stamp inventory but I had to add the stamps I purchased in the past 2 years. After I added my new stamps I had to go from three - 2 1/2 inch notebooks to five - they are inventoried by category - and since I had my joint replacement in my right hand 8 months ago - the three notebooks were too heavy to lift. Then I alphabetized my new stamps and stamps I had pulled out to use. I just have to put the 'new' stamps and 6 boxes of stamps away in my new Ikea Besta storage cabinet which was 15% off. My son thinks I need to get another 5 shelf storage rack and I may have to do it even though that would make three. I have a third of another room full of containers and boxes of stuff that I know need to be sorted into ScrapRack pages - but the door is closed to that room and I will work on it as I get a chance. This week I just plan on getting all my stamps put away and perhaps my giant box of empty albums - all Creative Memories as my daughter used to be a consultant.

I know Tiffany from ScrapRack says "do small sections" but I do better if I just dive in and tackle the job and keep at it. Of course, the mess really drives me nuts since I like things neat and tidy but it keeps me going. I should be able to move the mess into the scrapbook room and out of my bedroom tomorrow night.