Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Have Been Busy!

Three years ago in June 2010 I started scanning and naming old family photos on my side of the family. In October of that year my mother in law was ill and I started scanning her family photos. It took three trips to Winlock to scan them all (Thank You Eileen!) Grandma Shy ended up dying of pneumonia the day before her 94th birthday. It has been 3 years but I miss her still. I just sent off 15 CD's of pictures on Monday the 9th to various family members. The six siblings split up the actual photos but now everyone will have a copy of all the pictures.

I also made some copies of Barney and Marilyn 50th Anniversary slide show.

I am almost done with the pictures for my family but I will have to wait until I am ready for Christmas to finish that project.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Turkey Day - already a week plus ago!

 Me and my Turkey - I have to say he was just about 22 pounds of perfect!

 The Family

 Since Nicole was not looking at the camera we had to get one of her ~

Jackson got in the habit of not wearing shirts in the summer so now he doesn't ever want to wear a shirt. I had to get a shot of his "plumber's butt."