Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It is Done!

I picked it up on Sunday - but I haven't had time to finish the dust ruffle yet.

Sue Lohse quilted large flowers and leaves all over the quilt.

The back is the English Garden print. I am going to make the cushions for the bench 
out of this material.

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Mick

This is the longest that I have gone without posting! It has been a HOT and HECTIC two weeks. I have worked a number of 11 or 12 hour days and since it has been in the eighties - way to hot to do much at all once I get home.

This weekend I drove over to Sequim - the longest I have driven since surgery April 29th. My knees were a little stiff when I got there but didn't hurt. I started reorganizing my storage unit - things have just been tossed in over the past year. Unfortunately, I broke my antique 52 year old lamp that was a Christmas present - along with a vanity that Mom made Lisa and I that year.  I should have quit before I got so tired.

I missed my dog Mick and his other mommy.

He thinks that I visit just because I miss tossing his green turnip for him. (Napping after chasing said turnip.)

 This look is because I am too stupid to pick up turnip and toss it.
He is ready to go for it at a moments notice.

I did a little bit too much driving on the way home because I had to go up to Lake City to pick up my finished quilt. 124 miles is ok - 150 miles is too much.

Monday, September 2, 2013

I Drove to Lake City

I did my longest drive yet - up Lake City Way to my quilter Sue Lohse's house which is just a couple of blocks from the house that my mom and dad brought me to when I was born. My quilt should be done in a week. On the way back and stopped off to see the Bryant's/

My grandson Jackson got new pens and cleaner for his dry erase board and was very proud that he had written his name on it and just had to show us.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Sister's Birthday Present

I just love this Sweetwater Table Runner pattern which I made with their Mama Said Sew fabric. My sister did not want to be in the picture - but she was holding it up!

Cheryl is up for the long weekend taking a class in Snohomish and staying with me so we met Lisa and Jeff at Old Spaghetti Factory at Southcenter after she was done with class for dinner.

I have spent the last week sewing the table runner and piecing together the quilt back, the quilt batting, and making the binding. I just have to iron the top and the back and call my quilter.