Monday, September 16, 2013

My Mick

This is the longest that I have gone without posting! It has been a HOT and HECTIC two weeks. I have worked a number of 11 or 12 hour days and since it has been in the eighties - way to hot to do much at all once I get home.

This weekend I drove over to Sequim - the longest I have driven since surgery April 29th. My knees were a little stiff when I got there but didn't hurt. I started reorganizing my storage unit - things have just been tossed in over the past year. Unfortunately, I broke my antique 52 year old lamp that was a Christmas present - along with a vanity that Mom made Lisa and I that year.  I should have quit before I got so tired.

I missed my dog Mick and his other mommy.

He thinks that I visit just because I miss tossing his green turnip for him. (Napping after chasing said turnip.)

 This look is because I am too stupid to pick up turnip and toss it.
He is ready to go for it at a moments notice.

I did a little bit too much driving on the way home because I had to go up to Lake City to pick up my finished quilt. 124 miles is ok - 150 miles is too much.

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