Saturday, June 6, 2015

Class is Over and Paper is Done

I just finished a nine month three hour Thursday night class at the University of Washington in Genealogy and Family History. I turned in my research paper Thursday night - the paper was 74 pages long and with footnotes, bibliography, appendices etc it was a total of 220 pages. I have a mess to clean up, a house to clean, flower beds to weed and a garage to clean out. The class was great but it took a lot of time. I wouldn't mind taking it again though, but it would be a lot easier to do retired.

I learned a lot about research and new ways to search the internet and even got back to searching microfilm images which is what we did in the 1980s. A lot of information still hasn't been indexed so it is still the only way to find some of the records.

My paper was on my Great Great-Grand Uncle William Tucker. My Great-Grandfather William was named after him. Uncle William joined the British Army in 1845 (you enlisted for 21 years) and my Great-Great-Grandfather John immigrated to America in 1851 and came to the gold fields in California in 1852. John then helped settle Lewis County in Washington Territory in 1865.

My paper is titled "William Tucker: A life of Hard Work and Hardship in the Victorian Era." Twenty-five per cent of England's population lived in poverty and life was a struggle for them. Ever since I first read the family letters in 1999 I have wanted to tell the story of the family John Tucker left in England.