Friday, August 21, 2015

What does a Bored Kitty do In the Middle of the Night?

In addition to knocking anything that he can move off of counters (which he is not allowed on) or the coffee table, it turns out that he pulls things out of drawers from said counters.

 I must have left the drawer open just a bit or something sticking out.

 He pulled out all of my grandsons' sponge animals.

 They were everywhere. My son said the silly cat spent the day knocking them around.

If he sees you put something back then he jumps back up to knock things off almost faster than you can put them back. When we moved the couches the carpet underneath was covered with pens.

Friday, August 7, 2015

I have Eight Ancestors to Finish

My 2014 Blog Posts for 52 Ancestors - needs eight more ancestors done. I actually have more than that I could do, but I think I will do the eight and then go on to do expanded versions for certain people.

Right now I have started revising some of the 44 Ancestors that I have already done because I have found more information to fill out their stories.
I would like to write about the rest of John and William Tucker's siblings. Their sister Sarah was a widow who lived in total poverty without even bread to feed her children at times and died at age 52 or 53 because of breathing issues.  At least I know where I my asthma comes from.

I also have two large volumes on my dresser about the Crimean War (made famous in the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade") - it was the first war fought with modern technologies - explosive naval shells, railways, and the telegraph - and it was also a complete logistical, tactical, and medical failure due to gross mismanagement - and in spite of that - the English, French, and Ottoman Empire won. Russia was doing then - just what it does now - attempting to take over territory belonging to someone else. Two of William and John's brothers fought as marine gunners in the Crimean War - Isaac died from disease in horrible conditions and Job survived. I have already ordered their military papers from the UK National Archives.