Friday, August 7, 2015

I have Eight Ancestors to Finish

My 2014 Blog Posts for 52 Ancestors - needs eight more ancestors done. I actually have more than that I could do, but I think I will do the eight and then go on to do expanded versions for certain people.

Right now I have started revising some of the 44 Ancestors that I have already done because I have found more information to fill out their stories.
I would like to write about the rest of John and William Tucker's siblings. Their sister Sarah was a widow who lived in total poverty without even bread to feed her children at times and died at age 52 or 53 because of breathing issues.  At least I know where I my asthma comes from.

I also have two large volumes on my dresser about the Crimean War (made famous in the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade") - it was the first war fought with modern technologies - explosive naval shells, railways, and the telegraph - and it was also a complete logistical, tactical, and medical failure due to gross mismanagement - and in spite of that - the English, French, and Ottoman Empire won. Russia was doing then - just what it does now - attempting to take over territory belonging to someone else. Two of William and John's brothers fought as marine gunners in the Crimean War - Isaac died from disease in horrible conditions and Job survived. I have already ordered their military papers from the UK National Archives.

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