Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Ancestry Results

Well with refinements to the Ancestry DNA test my brother Terry took he has gone from 

93% British Isles 7% Finnish/Volga-Ural 
Europe 100%
  • Europe West 62%
  • Great Britain 18%
  • Iberian Peninsula 8%
  • Ireland 6%
  • Scandinavia 5%
    • Trace Regions 1% 
           Italy/Greece < 1%

According to the associated geographic areas are:

Europe West 62%
Primarily located in: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein
Also found in: England, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic

Great Britain 18%
Primarily located in: England, Scotland, Wales
Also located in: Ireland, France, Germany

Iberian Peninsula 8%
Primarily found in: Spain, Portugal
May also be found in: France, Morocco, Algeria, Italy

Ireland 6%
Primarily found in: Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Scandinavia 5%
Primarily located in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark
Also found in: Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, the Baltic States, Finland
(This is where the Viking ancestors come from.)

Italy/Greece <1%
Primarily located in: Italy, Greece
Also found in: France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Algeria, Tunisia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cushions are done.

All finished - I just need to sew the quilt label on the back of the quilt. The cushions are for the comfort and exclusive use of the kitty boys.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Finished The Bedskirts

 The Boys are still not sure what to make of the new quilt. Puddy Tat really likes to attack the back side of the quilt which is an English garden.

I actually finished the two bed skirts on October 30th - I did one in dark green to go with my floral garden quilt and then in one in dark blue to go with the shop hop quilt.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Return from the Absent

I haven't posted in 6 weeks! Longest that I have gone. I haven't been doing anything except work, read and go to bed early. We are doing a software conversion at work and running two software systems for the month of October - double entry of everything.

I hadn't seen my grandsons for awhile but I did watch them last weekend.
 I built a large fort for the boys in the living room.

 Dylan made signs - this one said "No Girls Allowed - Boys Only"

This one was next to the bathroom door.