Monday, February 18, 2013

Back to Sorting

Eleven years ago I did two identical sets of albums (4 total- maximum number of pages) about a cross country trip we did with friends on motorcycles - 18 states in 17 days. I got the pictures selected and matched to paper and embellishments before I started it. In one 16 hour day I did 89 pages - granted it was 44 1/2 pages done twice but it was still 89 total pages. Having things organized WORKS. My problem is that I did too much shopping in the past 11 years and it kind of got away from me. :( 

I can't wait to get to the point I can start working on a holding album and planning pages. I am on here posting because my arm is tired from sorting through my Creative Memories binders and putting things by categories - I had a few categories before but not enough. I tackled a box labeled Odds and Ends and found places for everything. I also sorted through a 10 ream paper box labeled Words. And yes, Tiffany Spaulding I am purging and I plan to purge more when I put the stuff away. I ordered so many pages that I got a note on one order - "Don't forget to PURGE!!" It made me laugh because I HAD forgotten to purge. It is easier to purge now though because I know which organization I am giving my "extras' to. Tiffany also says there is no such category as Miscellaneous and she is right - you can always find a place for everything.

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