Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Progress!!

I didn't get to go to Sequim and quilt this weekend because I had the flu - so I ended up working on my scrapbook room. Paper done and card making supplies done. Photos were already chronological, but I will sort them as I get pages ready to do.

Here are my before pictures ~
As you walk through the door ~

The middle of the room ~
The right half of the room ~

Yes - there were a lot of boxes in that room! No wonder the movers asked if I had seen "Hoarders."  The two of them carried every box up the stairs on their backs.

Now the after or the almost done ~

The top has stuff for grandkid albums, the next
two shelves are colored cardstock, the next is Creative
Memories colored and print and the bottom has
card making supplies
The top shelf has projects; the next shelf has pattern paper by color; the third shelf contains current pages; the fourth shelf has blank pages, Chatterbox paper and two containers of memorabilia; and the bottom shelf has specialty paper and memorabilia.

The lateral file contains my genealogy papers and I plan on putting my Scrap Rack on it for scrapbooking. Some day I will have a genealogy Scrap Rack also!

It took every night last week to sort and alphabetize my stamps and to update my stamp inventory books.

I am re purposing my old computer armoire and now it will store scrapbook supplies.

My Ikea Besta stamp cabinet with ink on each side
of five stamp inventory binders and three stamp technique binders.

Just one door is open - I also added an extra shelf to each side. Stamps are stored alphabetically and the inventory is by category.

An Ikea Expedit Workstation will go against the right wall. The bottom four cubbyholes will have my punches and the upper four will have my most used tools.  Marc has it almost finished and once it is I can finish putting away equipment and tools. There is also a partially filled third shelving unit as you first walk in the door.

Before I moved I sorted and put in ScrapRack pages all of my colored embellishments. Of course, I found more while I was packing and haven't done any of the categories like birthday, Christmas, camping, etc. Below is the last thing I have to tackle - paper and embellishments by category - right now stored in the spare room. There are a couple of empty boxes that I am saving to cut and then cover with material for my room divider in my bedroom - and the boxes in the upper left corner are Marc's. About two-thirds of the stuff is already by category and just needs to be put in ScrapRack pages. I am looking forward to having this done!

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