Sunday, February 3, 2013


By Friday night I had all my paper sorted (I worked on it all last weekend and every night) and Saturday I finished putting it away. I already have a stamp inventory but I had to add the stamps I purchased in the past 2 years. After I added my new stamps I had to go from three - 2 1/2 inch notebooks to five - they are inventoried by category - and since I had my joint replacement in my right hand 8 months ago - the three notebooks were too heavy to lift. Then I alphabetized my new stamps and stamps I had pulled out to use. I just have to put the 'new' stamps and 6 boxes of stamps away in my new Ikea Besta storage cabinet which was 15% off. My son thinks I need to get another 5 shelf storage rack and I may have to do it even though that would make three. I have a third of another room full of containers and boxes of stuff that I know need to be sorted into ScrapRack pages - but the door is closed to that room and I will work on it as I get a chance. This week I just plan on getting all my stamps put away and perhaps my giant box of empty albums - all Creative Memories as my daughter used to be a consultant.

I know Tiffany from ScrapRack says "do small sections" but I do better if I just dive in and tackle the job and keep at it. Of course, the mess really drives me nuts since I like things neat and tidy but it keeps me going. I should be able to move the mess into the scrapbook room and out of my bedroom tomorrow night.

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