Friday, February 22, 2013

Progress Report

Finished organizing the items for charity (picture coming no matter how embarrassing the quantity.) Found ScrapRack pages in every corner of the spare room and moved them to my room to sort (I hope I don't have too many - otherwise I may have to sucker someone else into buying a ScrapRack.) Sorted the last of the color items so I am ready to add them to existing Rainbow spinders (I thought the spinders I had already done had a lot of stuff - nothing compared to what needs to go into pages and spinders.) Then I can start putting away Themes and Calendar (might take awhile.)  I still have punches to do but they will have to wait until I get everything picked up off the floor and any flat surface I could find. Tomorrow is another day!

I have quilting classes March 21st through 23rd in Portland that I need to cut material for so I need to get this to a point where I can do that.

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