Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Baby and Me

Nicole and I went shopping weekend before last for material to make seat cushions for her window seats and pillows for her couch.

She had her first sewing lesson last Sunday. The cushion material is on the left. The first of four cushions has been cut out. She got the piping sewn on the top of a cushion and the piping is pinned to the bottom and is ready to sew. She has made a good start!

I decided that I might as well start on the cushions I want to make for the bench at the end of my bed. I found the material when we were out shopping and then picked it up last week.

Now days they don't just use the regular old white or green foam ~ they use "Nu-foam" to make cushions ~ and it is a "densified" material. I think that "densified" translates to "foam that is harder than hell to cut" because that is what it is. After I finished cutting out my cushion material last night I decided that I would cut the "Nu-foam" for Nicole's cushion. I had watched the guy at Jo-Ann's struggle with the scissors and the other fabric cutters there said that scissors were the only thing that worked although 'a customer had suggested a box cutter.' Rotary Cutter - No; Utility Knife - No; Scissors - Sort Of; Box Cutter (skinny type from U-haul) did work the best. I was experimenting with the blade length and it broke - so now - no box cutter. After I started cutting, I swear the two inches of densified foam seemed more like four inches of steel.

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