Sunday, March 24, 2013

Day Three of Block Party

Today I had another class with Julie Herman - she had missed dinner last night because she wasn't feeling well and her voice was very hoarse. Today was Boxed In and she had us bring a number of choices for the two sashing materials to demonstrate how to pick a material that would make your blocks stand out. You had to take pictures of the various combinations because it can be easier to see the best choice that way. And yes, that is my finger in a number of pictures - new camera that I am still not used to.
Purple and Green

Red and Green

Brown and Purple

Brown and Green

White and Purple (hard to see in this one)

Purple and Red

Brown and Red

I told Julie it was hopeless but with her help I picked out White and Purple. My sewing machine decided not to cooperate and it would not feed the material through. I finally had to turn it off and back on and then it worked. It did this three more times so I only got a few blocks sewn together. I said good bye to Julie and the Quiltmaker ladies and left early so I could visit with Cheryl and Lyle. I did manage to get four blocks put together at their place.

Julie's pattern is a 51 1/2 by 51 1/2 square lap quilt with nine purple squares and four white square with partial white squares on the sides, top and bottom.  One person in the class had emailed her and asked for a larger, rectangular size so that is what I will probably make. Once you get going it goes pretty fast.

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