Friday, January 24, 2014

The Evans Sisters @ Hood Canal

I spent last weekend with the Evans sisters which is like spending time with the Tucker Cousins - we laughed and laughed and had a great time! I used to work with Ann seven plus years ago at the city where she still toils. Sue has been retired for 4 years and both Ann and I would like to be! We already scheduled our next get together at Ann's in Clatskanie, Oregon for the first weekend in April.

Here is my view as I sew:

Here is my new Singer Featherweight 221 in action - does a much better 1/4 inch seam than my Pfaff.

We all worked on old projects that we had been dreading working on again. If we had been working by ourselves, we probably would have given up.

My project was from two years ago. I started the center medallion at Ann's house January 21, 2011. I then finished a set of borders and corner stars the following weekend.
Off to a great start until I started working on the twenty outer blocks - problems, problems, tedious, tedious. So I just put them away and started two other quilts one of which I finished in August.

I managed to finish eight side pinwheel blocks - then I discovered that I have four more to do - the only difference being they are called center pinwheel blocks.

Sue finished three bags - from last April - and has a fourth almost done.

Ann's project was probably the most mind boggling to figure out but she did it! She hadn't worked on it since last April either.

She got everything pieced together and since she had an extra day there - started to sew the strips together. I offered to take it off her hands when she finishes it.

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