Friday, January 3, 2014

Endless Hours of Work

In October I didn't post anything due to the software conversion and then in December Teresa and Brian were gone so I worked weekends and 11 and 12 hour days. We are still working in two software systems and we were told the project managers would convert in January. It is not looking likely and we still have not closed October in the new software.  They had us convert our data and then they took away our consultant so we didn't have any help at all for the new program in November and December. I did figure a few things out by googling YouTube videos.

All the sewing projects for Christmas never got finished either. I took a few days off after Christmas and drove over to Sequim and worked on the Tucker family pictures and a few projects for Christmas 2014. I am determined to be ready for Christmas next year and to get all my genealogy papers organized before I take the genealogy course at the University of Washington.

Even though I didn't post as often as I wanted due to work from September on, I did manage to post 77 times since January 12, 2013. It also helped me meet my goal of getting more projects completed!

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