Friday, January 31, 2014

Seahawks to the 2014 Super Bowl!

Go Seahawks!

My hometown of Winlock, Washington is famous for it World's Largest Egg by the railroad tracks. These tracks are the main north-south route for Burlington Northern Sante  Fe Railroad and Amtrak. Some townspeople recently got together and repainted the egg - at one time it also had a US flag on the side.

As my friend, Barbara Nichols Lewis posted on January 25th:

"Today was an amazing day in Winlock. Ron and Mason Gaul and Melody Reilley put so much time and effort into painting the Winlock egg with the Seahawk logo, and it looks fantastic! So many people came forward to help and at times there were so many cars going by and people getting out to take pictures, that it seemed like a parade! The sun came out to thaw the frozen egg ( helped along with hair dryers and a heater mounted on the scaffolding) and it all came together! Just a fun and wonderful day in Winlock!"

Photo by Trish Zee 

From June Bolden:

"For those of you who aren't familiar with Winlock's location, we are about 100 miles south of Seattle and about 70 miles north of Portland. Our Egg sits right next to the RR Tracks. Amtrak travels both North and Southbound 3 times per day so it will get a lot of exposure. We have people who live hours away who are driving here just to have their picture taken next to it!!! GOOOOOO HAWKS!! #PROUD"

And from Jeff and Cheryl Millman:

"12th Man in Winlock! What Fun!!

And from the Winlock Historical Society:

"Here's a look at the final product after volunteers spent the entire day painting. The rooster was finished about sunset ... and what an improvement!"

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