Thursday, January 9, 2014

Everyone is a Little Different

Sibling Inheritance Example from

DNA inherited from your parents is random.  You get different pieces of DNA from your parents than your siblings did. So you might have a different ethnicity estimate than your siblings — just because of the random way that pieces of DNA are inherited.

Here's another example. If you have a great-grandparent with Native American ancestry, you would theoretically expect to have 1/16th (6%) Native American ancestry. However, the pieces of DNA that you inherited from this great-grandparent are random. When the DNA was passed from your great-grandparent, to your grandparent, to your parent, and then to you, some pieces of DNA from this great-grandparent may have been "lost." Since you might not have any DNA from that great-grandparent, you might not have inherited any Native American genetic ethnicity.

Native Americans also rely on family connections to trace ancestry and as a general rule have not adopted genetic testing for proof. Fewer Native Americans have been tested making it more difficult to determine the genetic markers involved.

The more people that fill out trees on and take the DNA test will result in increased family matches.

My brother and my son have taken the test and now I am going to do it - as soon as I can work up enough spit. They had the kits on sale so I got one. The plan is to do it this weekend and mail it off Monday.

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