Friday, August 23, 2013

I Am Done Sewing the Top

Last night I finished sewing my Boxed In quilt top. I started it at the Quiltmaker Block Party in Portland, OR on Saturday, March 23, 2013. The designer of the quilt Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts taught the class. The pattern is from her book Skip The Borders.

Five months is pretty good time considering I had knee surgery 4/29, can only sew for short periods and still have to keep my knee up, I work full time, and I was finishing up the reorganization of all my scrapbook supplies during the same time period.

The pattern was designed to be a lap quilt but I can never seem to sew anything small - the lap quilt had 9 dark blocks, 4 light blocks, 8 half blocks and 4 corner blocks. My queen size quilt has 30 dark blocks, 20 light blocks, 18 half blocks and 4 corner blocks.

I still have to cut all four sides even and then trim all the threads and press 2 seams open along with pressing the whole top again. I have the material for the backing and just have to sew it together and piece together some batting so it will be ready to go to my quilter Sue Lohse. I haven't talked to her since February 2012 so I hope she is still quilting. I just can't do any quilting - even a table runner hurts by left arm - and the nerve spasms in my left hand make it impossible. Lesson Learned - Do Not Trip on a Sidewalk.

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