Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bali Wedding Star - Class 1

Class was last Sunday on what was a definitely overbooked weekend. Six hours of card making until midnight on Saturday and then up and down to Puyallup for six hours of quilting. My left arm was just killing me.

Each 42" strip of fabric will do eight "A" arcs and eight "B" arcs. I just have three 21" strips left to finish the first sets. Then a mere 104 more 42" strips to finish the arcs. I won't be even starting on them until today.

The next class is on Sunday, October 5th which follows a Glacier Star quilting class Saturday 10 to 5 and a movie premiere in Edmonds Saturday night of The Last Rescue. Overbooked again.

Which is also what is happening the next month - Glacier Star class Saturday, November 1st 10 to 5, card making 6 to midnight and then Bali Wedding Star final class on Sunday 10 to 4.

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