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52 Ancestors - #34 Peter Riches/Ann Artis - They Crossed an Ocean and then Settled in Different Countries

In my search for my great great grandfather George Riches’ parents I found more family than I expected – and in unexpected places.

George Riches was born in May 15, 1835 near Yarmouth, Norfolk County, England. He was baptized on May 20th in the Parish of Brooke in the County of Norfolk, in the Year 1835. His father is listed as Peter Riches and his mother as Ann, late Artis (meaning maiden name Artis though someone when transcribing the records listed her last name as Rute because they couldn’t read the handwritten ‘late’.)

Peter Riches was born in 1793 in South Elham, St. Margaret, Suffolk, England and was christened on January 29, 1797 in South Elham. His parents were Elizabeth Hanner and Henry Riches. Ann Artis was born June 29, 1801 in Yarmouth and was christened on July 14, 1801 in the Parish of Brooke. Her parents were Mary Love and John Artis.

Peter and Ann were married on December 25, 1820 at St Peter’s Church, Parish of Brooke, County of Norfolk. Their witnesses were William Artis and Elizabeth Artis, Ann’s siblings. It is possible that they had a daughter Maria born December 15, 1820 and christened on December 26, 1820 according to some but I haven’t been able to find the records on her.

During the 1841 Census the family was living in the Parish of Brooke, Norfolk County, England. Still at home with Peter and Ann was daughter Mary Ann age 15, daughter Sarah age 10, daughter Martha age 8, son George age 6, son Charles age 4, son Robert age 2, and the baby, one month old Samuel. Peter and Ann were also known to have older children at this time - Edward age 17 and William age 14 that were not living with the family in 1841. The family also was joined by Louisa in 1845/6 and John in 1849.

It is also possible that they were two more children with identical names who died young – another Edward born May 1821 and died June 1821, and another George born May 1834 and died June 1834. In addition there might be a son Henry born 1826, a son James born 1831, and a good possibly of a daughter Adelaide born in late 1841.

In 1849 their son Edward immigrated to Darlington, Ontario, Canada. Their daughter Mary Ann married Thomas Everett and settled in Suffolk, England. In 1853 at the age of 18 their son George Riches immigrated to America. Their daughter Sarah married John Coggle and at some point converted to the LDS Church. After 10 years of marriage John died in January 1861 and in August of 1862 Sarah, traveling with her son Heber, was part of the Henry W. Miller Company leaving Omaha, Nebraska with the Mormon pioneers traveling to settle Salt Lake City, Utah. Three weeks after Sarah arrived in Salt Lake City, she married Stephen Wilkens, who had also traveled with the Henry W. Miller Company and was from the same part of England.

Their daughter Martha married Jonathan Nichols and after his death James Eades. She also stayed in Suffolk, England. Sons Charles, Robert, and John and daughter Louisa also immigrated to Darlington, Ontario, Canada. Louisa married Thomas Humber and moved west to British Columbia.

In the 1871 Census of Canada Peter Riches is living with his son Edward and his family in the Darlington area of Ontario. In the 1881 Census of Canada Peter Riches is living with the Skinner family still in the Darlington area. He died two years later on December 8, 1883 in Darlington Township, Ontario, Canada.

Ann Artis Riches is believed to have immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1871. In 1880 she is living in Salt Lake City with her daughter Sarah and her husband. Ann Artis Riches died on December 29, 1890 in Salt Lake City six months after her 89th birthday.  She was buried that day in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

I never did find out why Peter stayed in Canada and Ann moved to Salt Lake City. Perhaps 50 years together was enough.

Great great great grandparents: Peter Riches/Ann Artis

Great great grandparents: George Riches/Jane Wilkins

Great grandparents: Martha Matilda Riches/Jefferson Thomas Graves

Grandparents: Effa Belle Graves/Alva Ashbury Tucker

Parents: E. Rosalie Tucker/Lionell Burris Mitchell

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