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52 Ancestors - #35 Samuel Graves and his Descendants – First of My Graves Family in America

There is a great website and organization for anyone from the Graves Family. It is the Graves Family Association. They have researched the surname of Graves, Greaves, Grave, Grieve, Greve, and all other variations of that name for all time periods, worldwide.
The information I have on my ancestor, Samuel Graves (genealogy 83), and some of his descendents is from the Graves Family Association. Originally, there was “speculation that Samuel Graves was from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England based mainly on the supposition that Lynn, MA, was named for King’s Lynn by one or more of the early settlers.  That connection is now supported by the Graves DNA results.  King’s Lynn is about 25 miles southeast of Boston. DNA analysis of descendants has shown that Samuel Graves was from the same family as Herbert Fletcher Graves of Lincolnshire (genealogy 428).  That family lived at Chapel Hill and New York, Lincolnshire, about 8-10 miles northwest of Boston, Lincolnshire.”

“Samuel Graves was born in England.  He came to America about 1630, possibly as part of the Endicott group of 1628 or the Winthrop fleet of 1630.  According to one account, he sailed from Southampton, England in the early spring of 1630 to New England.

He took up residence at Lynn, Mass., on the turnpike west of Floating Bridge, and the neighborhood in which he lived was called "Graves End" or "Gravesend" for more than 200 years.  It is now known as Glenmere.

The first homestead was taken down in 1648 and the present one (as of 1900) erected, which has been from time to time remodeled, but still retains the appearance of old-time architecture.  The house was still occupied by descendants of the original settler, and Mrs. Jane Mansfield, a granddaughter of Rand Graves, celebrated her 99th birthday in the old place on 3 Dec. 1900.

Samuel Graves was a farmer and a man of wealth.  In 1635 he gave about 300 pounds for the support of the Colonial Government.  He had three sons, all born in England between 1620 and 1630.” His sons were Thomas Graves born in about 1620, Mark born in about 1623, and Samuel born about 1628.

My ancestor Mark Graves’ first wife was Amy and they were married in around 1648. He and Amy had nine children. Amy died in 1665. He then married my ancestor next. “He lived in Lynn, Mass. until about 1658, when he moved to Andover.  He secondly married Elizabeth Knights, daughter of William and Elizabeth Knights of Lynn, on 14 Nov. 1667 (according to Marriages in Andover, N.E. Hist. and Gen. Register, vol. III, no. 1, p. 66). She was born 1642 and died in 1705.  She was the widow of John Farrington, a cooper, and at one time a resident of Marblehead, Mass.  Mark Graves lived for a time at Ipswich in 1678, at Andover in 1683, at Manchester in 1686, at Andover again in 1690, and afterwards and until his death at Lynn.”

Mark and Elizabeth had four children. His youngest son, my ancestor, was Thomas Graves. He was probably born at Andover, MA on May 7, 1675.  Thomas moved to Lyme, Conn., where he married Mary Hopson. Thomas and Mary had five children that are known. Thomas “died before 12 July 1726, when his widow was appointed Administratrix of his estate.”
Thomas and Mary’s eldest son Mark was my ancestor. “Mark Graves was born 8 (or 4) March 1708 in Lyme, CT, and died 2 Sept. 1760.  He married Elizabeth Richardson "of the Neck" on 10 Dec. 1730 at Marblehead, Mass.  He served in the French and Indian Wars from 3 April to 8 Nov. 1758, and again in 1759.  He died in the hospital at Oswegatche on 2 Sept. 1760 while in service.” Mark and Elizabeth had four known children of which my ancestor Thomas Graves is the only son.

“Thomas Graves was born in 1732 in Marblehead, MA, was baptized 19 Aug. 1733 in Marblehead, and died 19 June 1783.  He married Lydia Tubbs, daughter of William Tubbs and Rebecca Daniels.  She was born 1742 in Lynn, MA.  He and his family apparently lived in NY State.” Their son William Tubbs Graves was a known ancestor and now I am into family history that has been passed down through the various family branches.

Great great great great great great great great great grandparents: Samuel Graves/unknown

Great great great great great great great great grandparents: Mark Graves/Elizabeth Knights

Great great great great great great great grandparents: Thomas Graves/Mary Hopson

Great great great great great great grandparents: Mark Graves/Elizabeth Richardson

Great great great great great grandparents: Thomas Graves/Lydia Tubbs

 Great great great great grandparents: William Tubbs Graves/Maria Maritje Herder

Great great great grandparents: Thomas Tubbs Graves/Fidelia N. Riggs

Great great grandparents: James A. Graves/Effie Beaubier

Great grandparents: Jefferson Thomas Graves/Martha Matilda Riches

Grandparents: Effa Belle Graves/Alva Ashbury Tucker

Parents: E. Rosalie Tucker/Lionell Burris Mitchell

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