Friday, July 18, 2014

Quilting Weekend in Kent

This past weekend my former co-worker Ann and her sister Sue came to my house early on Friday afternoon to quilt. This time Ann sent us directions to buy material so we could all work on the same project which was something we hadn't tried before. It was Ann's second Strata Star and Sue's and my first. I learned some things that should make the next one mush easier. I really didn't know what to expect so I just bought some fabric all in the same line - Tapestry by Bonnie and Camille of Fig Tree Quilts from my local store Running Stitches Fabrics.

 I got my 1.5 strips cut several days before and the ruler taped according to the instructions.

Here is my fabric strips fanned out a bit more - I still can't figure out what it is going to look like.

It was a horse race with Ann in the lead (she had done it before and had gotten her strips cut out), me in the center (I had my strips cut out but didn't know what I was doing), and then Sue who had her material to still cut out - but at least we could show her what not to do as we did it.

Ann's Strips



We had to sew together five sets of strips and then cut the triangles and sew them together. We took a break on Saturday and went down to The Quilt Barn in Puyallup. I picked up some more fabric for my Glacier Star quilt and Ann got a table runner to work on since she was just about done with the Strata Star.

Ann's Topper


Sue's Topper

I also got my backing fabric and batting cut out and pinned together - so it is ready to sew together. We also managed to survive 92 degree weather - which wasn't easy - we aren't used to it!

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