Monday, June 30, 2014

Glacier Star - Technique 1 - Progress Report

I went over to Sequim this weekend and sewed most of Saturday (except for a quick trip to the latte stand with Mick - he scored 4 doggy cookies!) Of course, Val and I stayed up past midnight watching Netflix. Mick stayed glued to my side the whole time I was there but at least this time he didn't break my heart by jumping up to get his leash so he could go home with me.

I got the first unit finished and then finished sections 1 through 9 on the next seven units - just four more sections on each to do.

Then I need to do the seven inner portions and sew the two pieces together for the eight blocks.  The block is called a New York Beauty. I think I have the fabric figured out for the next few techniques (aka months.)

I am having dental surgery tomorrow afternoon at 3 so that will mean no sewing probably for a few days. (No operating machinery for 24 hours!) I also have some genealogy posts that I have to get finished. So much to do and so little time! It probably didn't help that I was at work for eleven hours today trying to get Accounts Receivable corrections done for month end.

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