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52 Ancestors - #26 Edward Carter Dingle - He Went Into the Family Business

Edward Carter Dingle was the son of the Reverend Edward Dingle and Elizabeth Carter. The Reverend Edward Dingle was born in England and had immigrated to America. At the time of the Reverend Dingle’s death on July 1, 1763 he was the first Rector of the new church building for St. Martin’s Parish near Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland. This building is still in existence, and is now a museum which is staffed by volunteers. ”St. Martin’s Church is considered by many historians to be the finest preserved, most significant piece of American history on the Lower Eastern Shore.” Edward Dingle was a reverend for the Church of England (which was usually known as the Episcopal Church in America after the Revolutionary War.) He was buried under the floor of the new church as was the practice of the time of the Anglican Church.

Reverend Edward Dingle’s son, Edward Carter Dingle had been born on May 12, 1763 in Worcester County, Maryland (after the Revolutionary War it was Dagsboro Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware) and was just three months old when his father died. 

According to cousin Corinne, “At the time of the Rev. Dingle's final probate filing, it was mentioned that, at the time of his death, Rev. Dingle had 6 children. I believe that the Rev. Dingle had a wife prior to Elizabeth as there is proof that he actually had 2 sons named Edward, one without the middle name Carter (who was probably by his first wife), who died in Sussex County, Delaware in 1823.”  The elder brother Edward was born in February 1747 possibly in England.  Edward Carter Dingle also had older siblings - a sister Elizabeth, another brother, a brother Richard born 1748 and died 1778, a brother William born in 1760 and died in 1793 after a tree fell on him.

Sometime before August 1775 Edward Carter Dingle’s mother Elizabeth married John Gibbins, a Baptist Minister, who then raised him.

Edward Carter Dingle’s first wife was Nancy Crockett. Her grandparents, Richard and Elizabeth Crockett were member of one of the Gibbons churches in Delaware. Edward Carter Dingle and Nancy had their first child Edward F. in 1781 and then William in 1783. In 1786 Edward Carter Dingle is mentioned in his stepfather’s will. A daughter Julia was possibly born in 1790. Their son Richard C. was born in 1793. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 1795 in Maryland. Edward Carter Dingle was a licensed, ordained, Baptist Minister in 1795 and in that year moved to Scott County, Kentucky. There Charlotte was born in 1796 and Winder Crockett Dingle in 1800. Edward’s wife Nancy died in 1800.

Edward Carter Dingle then married Frances Jane Sallee (born December 7, 1778 in Buckingham, Virginia) sometime before 1806 in Scott County, Kentucky. They were my great, great, great, great grandparents.  It is believed that their children were Nancy Catherine Dingle born in 1806, Jane born in 1808, Mary Sallee (Polly) Dingle born in 1810 (my great great great grandmother), Samuel born in 1811. Carter Blanton born in 1813, Stephen B. born in 1815, William Sallee born in 1817 and John Gibbons Dingle born in 1819, and Margaret M. born in 1822.

Edward Carter Dingle died May 22, 1835 in Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky. His will written on February 16, 1834 mentions his beloved wife Frances Dingle and then all of his children and one grandchild by name. The first William born in 1783 is not mentioned in the will so he may have predeceased his father since Edward Carter Dingle was said to have seven children with his first wife. Two of his children with his second wife Frances Jane born in1808 and Stephen B. in 1815 are also not mentioned in the will so either they predeceased him or they have been listed in error. They are also not mentioned in a pioneer history written prior to 1883.

Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents: Edward Dingle/Elizabeth Carter
Great Great Great Great Grandparents: Edward Carter Dingle/Frances Jane Sallee
Great Great Great Grandparents: Mary (Pollie) Sallee Dingle/ Kinzea W Hardesty Jr.
Great Great Grandparents: Mary Grave Hardesty/John Tucker
Great Grandparents: William John Tucker/Georgianna Katherine Ragan
Grandparents: Alva Ashbury Tucker/Effa Belle Graves
Parents: Elva Rosalie Tucker/Lionell Burris Mitchell

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