Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

I have all the downstairs boxes unpacked so all the doo dads are out where they belong and all that is left is to hang the pictures on the walls.  Instead of doing that my daughter and grandsons came for a visit.

Jackson is supposed to be sitting on the chair in the corner down the hall - time out for hitting his brother - so of course, he has been scooting the chair down the hall.

Dylan is playing with cat toys - both boys were - last time they visited they played with my orange rubber gloves and mini flashlights. Obviously you don't have to buy toys. I do have toys for them - 30 year old toys that their mom and uncle played with and they love them! They don't talk or make noise and there is nothing electronic. When they are done with all of them, they move on to their alternate toys - gloves, flashlights, and cat toys.

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