Friday, January 18, 2013

Sewing Area is Done!

 This is my Horn thread cabinet and sewing cabinet with side table for a serger and an extension that folds up from the back to give plenty of space for a large quilt. Under the window is my Ikea Liatorp sideboard.

 On the right is my Ikea Liatorp bookcase with more fabric and project boxes.

On the right in front of the Ikea Risor room divider is a 5 drawer chest and then a 3 shelf cabinet which has an ironing board on the back of it.

On the other side of the divider is Puddy Tat on my bed - or is it his?

The rest of my room.

Stan Lee and a view of the sewing area.


  1. It's looking good!! I like the room dividers.

  2. What kind of material is the room divider made of? I would use it for my home office, but if it's some sort of fabric my cat would tear it up...


    1. It is made of wood and the white portions are some type of plastic. My cats have totally ignored it. I do plan on cutting out cardboard and covering it with fabric to put in some of the white areas. I really like it. It is sturdy and I can easily move it when I need more space.