Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bali Wedding Star - Class 2

Sunday, October 5th was my second Bali Wedding Star Class only two weeks after the first class. There was definitely not enough time to get all the sewing done. After an exhausting week at work, the  class on Saturday. and then a private movie screening of The Last Rescue, got home late and then had to get up for class.

Linda was still absent so the owner of The Quilt Barn Pam took over. We worked on the the pieces that connect with the rings. I didn't get many done and my left arm that I broke when I fell almost 5 years ago was hurting so bad I ending up stopping around 3 and heading home.

I imagine this quilt is going to take me several years to finish so meanwhile look at this picture and you will see how far I have to go - and mine is going to be seven rings by seven rings.

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