Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Love High Tea!

My college friend Lynnette recently had a major birthday and six days later I turned one year older. Her daughter invited her friends and family to High Tea at The Secret Garden in Sumner. The food and tea was fantastic and they also had a very nice gift shop. I would definitely go there again.

Two years ago my sister Lisa celebrated our birthdays by taking us to High Tea at a shop in the Country Village in Bothell. Our first experience with High Tea was when my sister’s ex-husband Larry remarried almost four years ago. We had all known each other in college and I had found him on Facebook, told Lynnette and she started talking to him on Facebook. He had already asked my sister to attend the wedding and Lynnette managed to get the three of us invited. The wedding was at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC and they had a High Tea for the reception. It was my first High Tea and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We really, really liked his new wife Jan – she is a sweetheart!

 It was a beautiful wedding and the bride and the Empress Hotel were gorgeous!

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