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52 Ancestors - #8 Effie Beaubier (1846-1899) - One Answer Gives Us Twenty More Questions

I grew up hearing stories about a French great great grandmother who was very beautiful. No one knew her first name and they were not quite sure of her last name – Bouvier, Bubier, Boyer, or Boobier. She was my mother’s great grandmother and her eldest child Jefferson Thomas Graves was my mother’s beloved grandfather. JT was a very nice and kindly man. My mother died in 1994 and she never knew anything more about her great great grandmother.  

Sometime in the last five years my cousin Chris found her picture – I think by contacting someone on a message board. Her name was Effie Beaubier (that was about the only combination of letters we hadn’t put together.)

Effie Beaubier was born in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York in 1846 to Henrietta Graves (the sister of Thomas Tubbs Graves) and Alexander Beaubier. Effie Beaubier married James A Graves who was the son of Thomas Tubbs Graves (so they were first cousins.)

 Effie and James

Have You Seen This Man?
We have one picture of Alexander Beaubier and know nothing much about him. It is likely given his name and their location at the time (1000 Islands region bordering Canada) that his family was French Canadian but we don’t know – and we can’t find anything out!

His name is A. J. or J. Alexander Beaubier. He was born in New York state in 1821 - parents unknown. In 1845 he married Henrietta Graves (daughter of William Tubbs Graves) also born in New York on 6 April 1830. In 1846 they had a daughter Effa (Effie) and in 1848 a son William. In 1850 he was a farmer in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York. They had daughter Harriett “Clara” Clariisa on November 12, 1850 and son George in 1852. On 11 January 1856 Henrietta died. Effie most probably was working as a servant at age 14 in 1860 while living in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Alexander may have had an older brother William who was born in Canada and lived in Orleans, Jefferson County during the 1850's to 1880's.

It is just so frustrating trying to find anything out about this branch and I have corresponded with several people with the same problem. One of them had this photo at least. This is all we know. I was looking through documents the other night and my cousin Chris called and asked what his name was because she was at the Family History Library and wanted to look for him. He is driving us all nuts!


  1. I have than a few elusive ancestors, too. At least you have the old photos. Well done!

  2. I am also descended from Beaubiers from New York. My GGG Grandfather was John A. Beaubier. He was born in 1813 in Wexford County Ireland. I am not sure when he came to the US, but shows up in the 1850 census living in Orleans in Jefferson County, then for the 1855 and 1860 census records he is living in Clayton in Jefferson County. In 1863 he joined the military and fought in the civil war. I have no more records for him until 1880 when he and his family moved to Michigan. I am born here in Michigan. I have never found any information on any other family like siblings for John Beaubier, but I have always suspected that the other Beaubiers living in Jefferson County are related. You might find it interesting that John had a granddaughter name Effie Beaubier that was born in 1879 in Michigan.
    I have a friend that was born and raised in Ireland and she says she saw gravestones in a French Huguenot cemetery in Ireland with the name Beaubier on them. So I did a little research and found that some Huguenots did flee from France to Ireland.
    I am keeping your blog post saved and if I ever find more information on the Beaubiers from New York I will contact you.

    1. There is a group of Beaubers who were living in Newfoundland - haven't had a chance to look at them closely. Our Beaubiers are possibly related since they were all in the same area. I had to have a 6 hour iron infusion at the hospital a year ago and spent the entire time looking at Jefferson County census. No Alex Beaubier anywhere in 1860 or 1870 - Effie was working as a servant in 1860 but no sign of sister Clara or brother William - and I tried all of Alex's late wife's relatives also. Effie is married in October 1867 in Dodge County, Wisconsin and appears in the 1870 census there while Clara was married in January 1870 in Dodge County and appears in the 1870 census in Iowa. I guess I need to search the entire Dodge County 1870 census for Alex. I have often wondered about searching in 1860 around any Beaubiers in Michigan.
      The professional genealogist who taught my class at the University of Washington last year - can find just about anyone - and said she would look for Alex. I plan on asking her to search after the first of the year. She likes to test new sites with hard to find people. If I find anything on John A I will let you know.

  3. Name:Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier
    Gender: Female
    Christening Date:
    Christening Place:
    Birth Date: 07 Jan 1888
    Birthplace: London, Middlesex, Ontario
    Death Date:
    Name Note:
    Father's Name: William Beaubier <<<<< My GG grandfather and his middle name is 'Morris' and he was born in Chicago, Ill. >>>>>
    Father's Birthplace:
    Father's Age:
    Mother's Name: Elizabeth Morrow <<>>
    Mother's Birthplace:
    Mother's Age:
    Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C01554-1
    System Origin: Ontario-ODM
    GS Film number: 1871040
    Reference ID:

    Citing this Record:
    "Ontario Births and Baptisms, 1779-1899," database, FamilySearch ( : 10 February 2018), Elizabeth Morrow in entry for Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier, 07 Jan 1888; citing London, Middlesex, Ontario; FHL microfilm 1,871,040.

    1. Jessie beaubier Simons was my grandmother. My father was William Simons (father Tom Simons). I know they lived in or near Lethbridge as that is where my father was born in 1919. And William and Elizabeth lived near medicine hat in early 1900's as well as brother john beaubier I believe. I would be very interested in your sources as I really don't have much information
      Marcia simons

    2. Yes, in 1911 and 1916 Canadian Census they are listed in Medicine Hat Sub Districts 12-70 Alberta Canada but William M and Elizabeth use Kember as their last names and William is listed as 70 and born in Sweden(?) and Elizabeth is 45 (their ages are usually between 6-9 years apart), but the boys stay Beaubier (1911) and Alberta Canada, Sub District 5, 33 Bow River all listed as Beaubier (1916).
      In 1900 US Census they are listed in Townships 155-157 Ranges 75-77 Towner town, McHenry,North Dakota USA but listed as WM Beaubier, Lizzie, Morris, Lyman, Hazel and Jessie. Listed just above them but in a separate household is a J. Beaubier, widowed born April 1836 in New York. Now, Lizzie is short for Elizabeth. W.M. William Morris and Morris is Morris B. So I can only assume with this and the addition that Victor was born in North Dakota on other census' that they are one and they same but the daughters and Lyman? No idea what that story is and I haven't really focused on it yet, but Lyman is listed as the same age Wellington would have been in 1900, so is Lyman Wellington? Another great mystery...

      In 1930 US Census they are in Los Angeles. Wellington now married to my grandmother Estelle in Bell, CA and William M. with Elizabeth, Victor, Ernest and grandson Edmund in Long Beach, CA at 921 Grand Ave.

      What I find interesting is that the family doesn't change really. The names are sometimes abbreviated or the first and middle switched but the ages of the adults often change. It makes me wonder if they were bringing family over the border by impersonating or they were hiding something. It is a very clear and consistent paper trail even with the alterations but added to the future mystery of Jeanne literally disappearing after my moms adoption in 1945, until Jeannes death in 1998 (I believe) and also her husband, my grandfather Raymond Roderick Bower changing his identity to Robert Cummings in the late 40's or 50's but no divorce paper trail from his marriage to Jeanne, although there is a few more marriages listed for 'Robert/Raymond) later on, and Jeanne lying on her marriage certificate about her mother's maiden name and her own (she writes Jeanne Estelle 'Powell' rather than Beaubier).

      By the 1940 census Wellington had died (Jan. 26, 1937) and Estelle was a widow with 3 children.

      Sigh... LOL

      So, my Beaubier tribe seem to have been in Alberta Canada, Los Angeles County California, N. Dakota, Indiana and Chicago, Cook County Illinois.

      Please excuse any typos and such as this tiny box we have to type in makes it really difficult to edit. I will write future posts in Word and just paste it in!

    3. Beaubier
      mentioned in the record of William J Simons
      Name Beaubier
      gender Female
      Son William J Simons
      Other information in the record of William J Simons
      from California Death Index
      Name William J Simons
      Event Type Death
      Event Date 11 Oct 1967
      Event Place Los Angeles, California, United States
      Birth Date 21 Jan 1919
      Birthplace Canada
      Gender Male
      Mother's Name Beaubier
      Citing this Record
      "California Death Index, 1940-1997," database, FamilySearch ( : 26 November 2014), Beaubier in entry for William J Simons, 11 Oct 1967; Department of Public Health Services, Sacramento.

    4. William John Simons
      mentioned in the record of William John Simons and Mary Elizabeth Herrin
      Name William John Simons
      Event Type Marriage
      Event Date 08 Aug 1951
      Event Place Los Angeles, California, United States
      Gender Male
      Age 32
      Birth Year (Estimated) 1919
      Father's Name Thomas Joseph Simons
      Mother's Name Jessie Beaubier
      Spouse's Name Mary Elizabeth Herrin
      Spouse's Age 45
      Spouse's Gender Female
      Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1906
      Spouse's Father's Name Wilbur Cunningham Abbot
      Spouse's Mother's Name Mary Ann Knighton
      Citing this Record
      "California, County Marriages, 1850-1952," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 10 December 2017), William John Simons and Mary Elizabeth Herrin, 08 Aug 1951; citing Los Angeles, California, United States, county courthouses, California; FHL microfilm 1,283,746.

    5. So it looks like the Simons/Beaubiers moved to Southern California where MY Beaubiers were as well.

  4. Elizabeth was born in Indiana. They had a son, Wellington Wellsley (or Welsly or Welsley depending on the document) Beaubier, who was my GG grandfather born in Cook, Illinois. Wellington married Estelle Elizabeth (or Elezabeth, again depending on the document) Frederick, also born in Cook Illinois. Estelle was Wellingtons second marriage BTW. His first was to Marie C. Lacey who was from Wisconsin. Her parents were Michael Lacey and Mary King. She passed away not too long after the marriage but she managed to birth one child, Edward W Beaubier on May 11, 1924. He died on Feb 10, 1985. Edward grew up with his grandfather William and not his father.
    Wellington and Estelle had three more children of their own:
    Jeanne Estelle <<< my grandmother and also the woman who gave my mother up for adoption later in her life
    Ernest Roderick who died in action in the Korean war.
    Mollie (Molly) Patricia who later used Patricia as her first name.

  5. Everyone from the marriage of Estelle and Wellington lived and was born in Los Angeles county areas.

  6. William and Elizabeth both had parents born in Canada.
    Williams Father and mother both born in Canada.
    Elizabeths mother born in England and father born in Canada.
    At one point there are records of William, Elizabeth and their other sons, Victor and Ernest and their grandson Edmund/Edward coming to the US from Canada. It can only be assumed that They had a home in Canada as Wellington and Marie's son was I think 4 or 8 years old by that time.

  7. My trees are a bit wonky as all these name alterations, multiple marriages, fake identities and so on just keeps me in edit mode 24/7 but here are my links:

    Hopefully you can access them.

  8. J Beaubier
    United States Census, 1900
    Name J Beaubier
    Event Type Census
    Event Year 1900
    Event Place Townships 155-157-Ranges 75-77 Towner town, McHenry, North Dakota, United States
    Gender Male
    Age 64
    Marital Status Widowed
    Race White
    Race (Original) W
    Relationship to Head of Household Head
    Relationship to Head of Household (Original) Head
    Birth Date Apr 1836
    Birthplace New York
    Father's Birthplace New York
    Mother's Birthplace Wales
    Citing this Record
    "United States Census, 1900," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 March 2018), J Beaubier, Townships 155-157-Ranges 75-77 Towner town, McHenry, North Dakota, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 92, sheet 6A, family 104, NARA microfilm publication T623 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1972.); FHL microfilm 1,241,229.

  9. OMG! I just realized that YOUR Jessie is William Morris' daughter!
    William being my GGGrandfather!! Oh Hey!! HELLO!! LOL

    Jessie Beaubier
    United States Census, 1900
    Name Jessie Beaubier
    Event Type Census
    Event Year 1900
    Event Place Townships 155-157-Ranges 75-77 Towner town, McHenry, North Dakota, United States
    Gender Female
    Age 12
    Marital Status Single
    Race White
    Race (Original) W
    Relationship to Head of Household Daughter
    Relationship to Head of Household (Original) Daughter
    Birth Date Jan 1888
    Birthplace Illinois
    Father's Birthplace Illinois
    Mother's Birthplace Indiana
    W.M. Beaubier Head M 41 ILlinois
    Lizzie Beaubier Wife F 32 Indiana
    Jessie Beaubier Daughter F 12 Illinois
    Hazel Beaubier Daughter F 9 Illinois
    Morriss Beaubier Son M 6 Illinois
    Lyman Beaubier Son M 2 Illinois
    Citing this Record
    "United States Census, 1900," database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 17 March 2018), Jessie Beaubier in household of W.M. Beaubier, Townships 155-157-Ranges 75-77 Towner town, McHenry, North Dakota, United States; citing enumeration district (ED) 92, sheet 6A, family 105, NARA microfilm publication T623 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1972.); FHL microfilm 1,241,229.

  10. Elizabeth Morrow being my GGGrandmother!
    Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier
    Ontario Births
    Name Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier
    Event Type Birth
    Event Date 07 Jan 1888
    Event Place London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada
    Registration Date 1888
    Gender Female
    Father's Name William Beaubier
    Mother's Name Elizabeth Morrow
    Certificate Number 501085
    Citing this Record
    "Ontario Births, 1869-1912," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 10 August 2017), Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier, 07 Jan 1888; citing Birth, London, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada, citing Archives of Ontario, Toronto; FHL microfilm 1,871,040.

  11. Thanks for all of that info. I'm trying to digest it all. I have been able to access some of it. I was quite surprised to see that my father remarried in 1951. News to me! Your Ggrandfather Wellington is my grandmother's brother and your GGGrandfather William Morris is my GGrandfather.
    I found an interesting publication a few years ago - Our Future, Our Past, the Alberta Heritage Digitization Project, in archives at Univ. of Calgary. Unfortunately it's not accessible right now. But anyway there are references to the Beaubiers - Wiliam, Elizabeth, and the younger boys Morris, Wellington, (William) Victor and Ernie. The two girls were married and living nearby (Jessie and Hazel, who married Vic Morgan). They also mentioned Fred and Eleanor Barker - she was William's sister. And John was William's dad on his own farm. There is a picture of the first students at the Plainfield school in 1908. Wellington, Victor, Morris and Hazel are in it. Very blond kids!
    I did notice that Jessie sometimes put down in the census her birthplace as Illinois and other times as Canada. Her birth certificate from London, Ontario is not original but was issued in 1947 with an aunt attesting to it. Couldn't read her last name. But anyway will continue research. Looks like we're related but have no idea what level of cousin we are!

    1. OMG!! This is COOL!!!! My first verified interaction with someone from my mothers maternal side!!! Hi!!

    2. Do you have a DNA test with 23andMe or Gedmatch genesis by any chance??

    3. I'd need to know which publication the article is located within. It's impossible to search "Beaubier" due to the city. I've never seen a photo of any Beaubier except what is posted on this page.

  12. I've never had a dna test. And this is exciting for me too because I know very little about my dad's family and haven't been in touch with anyone since the early 70's.
    You can google Bridging the Years and the first link that comes up is the U of Calgary. I have the cover page and a few pages including the photo. This is everything on the coverpage

    Bridging the Years
    Carmangay and District
    Sponsored by
    The Carmangay and District Home and School Association
    Published by Southern Printing Company Limited
    1233 - 2nd Ave South - Lethbridge, Alberta

    I could take pictures and either email to your personal address or attempt to put on this site.

    So where do you live? I was born in Boise, moved to Winfield Kansas at 1, lived there till 1968, eventually settled Fort Myers FL for 30+ years and have just moved to Kansas City. I knew Jessie in Los Angeles, actually Santa Monica. Somewhere I have a picture of her mother, Elizabeth, with my first cousin (my dad's sister Audrey's son Billie Short). The picture may still be in Florida. I also had one of her dad, William with one of the boys but it got messed up. I'd be happy to continue conversing on personal email. Please let me know if that's of interest to you.
    This is exciting!

  13. I'd LOVE to see photos!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I don't know how to send you my email without it being public except that I added you on Google+ and I think I am your only connection on there so that would give you access to my gmail address. Try that and let me know if you have any troubles!
    I am in Los Angeles. I was born and raised here in So Cal. LA and San Diego.

  14. You can click my name above "Michele Powell" and that will take you to my Google+ page...

  15. All I can find is the book for sale on Amazon... sigh.

  16. Well I went to gmail and found you and tried to send a message and now you are blocked out except for fb page. Will try to send message there.

  17. Used Hangout but don't know if it went through. I included my email addresses. I have some pictures I want to send you but I need to buy a new printer so I can scan them. Hopefully will do that this week.
    And I found your Google page but couldn't figure out how to send you a message. I'll keep trying!

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    2. Also, I just found a line of Simons attached to Beaubier. Thomas Joseph Simons/Simmons, his daughter Audrey M Simons and his son William John Simons. Jessie Madeline Irene Beaubier was Thomas' wife and Audrey and Williams mother.

  18. I read the comment. Will send you em shortly