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52 Ancestors - #8 Effie Beaubier (1846-1899) - One Answer Gives Us Twenty More Questions

I grew up hearing stories about a French great great grandmother who was very beautiful. No one knew her first name and they were not quite sure of her last name – Bouvier, Bubier, Boyer, or Boobier. She was my mother’s great grandmother and her eldest child Jefferson Thomas Graves was my mother’s beloved grandfather. JT was a very nice and kindly man. My mother died in 1994 and she never knew anything more about her great great grandmother.  

Sometime in the last five years my cousin Chris found her picture – I think by contacting someone on a message board. Her name was Effie Beaubier (that was about the only combination of letters we hadn’t put together.)

Effie Beaubier was born in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York in 1846 to Henrietta Graves (the sister of Thomas Tubbs Graves) and Alexander Beaubier. Effie Beaubier married James A Graves who was the son of Thomas Tubbs Graves (so they were first cousins.)

 Effie and James

Have You Seen This Man?
We have one picture of Alexander Beaubier and know nothing much about him. It is likely given his name and their location at the time (1000 Islands region bordering Canada) that his family was French Canadian but we don’t know – and we can’t find anything out!

His name is A. J. or J. Alexander Beaubier. He was born in New York state in 1821 - parents unknown. In 1845 he married Henrietta Graves (daughter of William Tubbs Graves) also born in New York on 6 April 1830. In 1846 they had a daughter Effa (Effie) and in 1848 a son William. In 1850 he was a farmer in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York. They had daughter Harriett “Clara” Clariisa on November 12, 1850 and son George in 1852. On 11 January 1856 Henrietta died. Effie most probably was working as a servant at age 14 in 1860 while living in Orleans, Jefferson County, New York. Alexander may have had an older brother William who was born in Canada and lived in Orleans, Jefferson County during the 1850's to 1880's.

It is just so frustrating trying to find anything out about this branch and I have corresponded with several people with the same problem. One of them had this photo at least. This is all we know. I was looking through documents the other night and my cousin Chris called and asked what his name was because she was at the Family History Library and wanted to look for him. He is driving us all nuts!

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  1. I have than a few elusive ancestors, too. At least you have the old photos. Well done!