Saturday, July 20, 2013

I am done with Embellishments and Bling!

Thursday night I finished putting the last of my embellishments into pages and Spinders - and then I put the Spinders into crates in the closet.

 The Left Side

 The Right Side

There are 3 rows of crates stacked 4 high.

 The ScrapRack sits on the lateral file with some 
additional Spinders with borders, frames, hardware, labels, tags and supplies to make tags.

The Expedit table is full of tools and miscellaneous that I need to put away so I can set up my second ScrapRack and expansion base on it. I still have my punches and die cuts to inventory and put away and various instructions to finish putting in a binder.  I can then start getting pictures, memorabilia and paper put together for layouts. I do see another expansion base in my future. I went to a bridal shower today with my sister and daughter. Afterwards I showed my daughter my room and everything I have organized and informed her that it was "her inheritance' - she figures that she will just scrap at my house since I already have everything.

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