Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Few Things Done and a Birthday

My last post was overly optimistic. Ever since I hopped on my new five week old knee on June 4th - it has been very painful and unpleasant. I did manage to get the curtains for the house hemmed - which is progress. I have also been working on my Boxed In blocks and the blocks for the room divider.

Laundry Room Curtain

Front Door Curtain

 This past weekend on Saturday was Jackson's 4th birthday party on Alki Beach -
 ---- and Lisa came prepared for anything and everything.

the view

 Jackson opening his presents - this one was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD.

How many people does it take to close a Tommy Bahama chair? Quite a few actually and two of these five already have a chair just like this.

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