Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 18th Uptown Glassworks in Renton

Val was not able to come over and use her Groupon so she sent Dennis. The Groupon had said we would be making a Santa Claus but they actually gave us the choice of making twenty or so different items including vases, bowls, flowers, etc.

Dennis and I decided to make flowers.

She is using a scoop device to help form the flower. In the pictures the furnace and flowers are white but in person they are red hot!

Any time the flower blob looks like it is melting into the fire you turn that side up and the it reforms so that it is circular again.

 While she is shaping the flower you have to blow into a tube to put air into the center.
The cabinet in the back of this picture is where things go to be slowly cooled down over 3 days.

I went back on Thursday to pick them up.
 Dennis' yellow flower for Val - and my red flower with yellow spots which is now in my mom's vase on the kitchen counter.

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