Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend at Hood Canal

I stayed up late on Thursday night making Lasagna - and then remembered it as I was driving through Belfair which is at Hood Canal. I called home and made Marc very happy when I told him.

Ann's first project was finishing up a casserole carrier which she then gave to me!
The Bottom

The Top

Filled with Sue's Seashell Casserole Dish that matched the fabric but she wouldn't let me have it.

Ann gave this one to Sue for Christmas.

Sue started (and just about finished except for the button) an over the shoulder purse which turned out very cute. Here it is before the straps when on and the lining went in.

Ann's next project

This is the view of Hood Canal we have to put up with while sewing - pretty tough!

I was again working on my Boxed In blocks
 I had gotten two blocks partially sewn during the week so I finished those plus I finished another four blocks and got six more started. It is almost time to start cutting up another jelly roll into 2 1/2 inch squares for more blocks. 12 dark and 4 light done with 6 dark partial blocks - need 18 more dark blocks, 16 light blocks, 18 light half blocks and 4 light quarter blocks.

My sewing machine which was starting to die during the last day of the block party - did die after I finished the first two blocks. Luckily Sue had her free Singer Featherweight which was in mint condition as was the carry case it came in. Ann said that Sue's case was better condition than the case that Ann got with her free Featherweight. I fell in love with this baby (or should that be old broad.). Ann said they can run around $500. Would someone please give me a free one? I did come home and looked on Craigslist and I found one in mint condition in Tacoma for $425 and one in Newcastle for $495 - and one from England circa 1965 for $465. I am in love!

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