Sunday, April 14, 2013

To Longview/Kelso

This weekend I drove down and stayed with Susie in Longview. Susie is able to manage the shop full time since she retired from the City of Longview at the end of December. Tamara who also retired at that time was at the shop Saturday morning picking up a quilt to do on her long arm. Retirees just look sooo happy. Saturday was spent at the Paisley Duck sewing while Susie taught a class.

They were making 4 place mats and a table runner (double over in the picture.)

It was a fun group and Moe (also from the city) joined all of us at El Charrito for lunch and Huckleberry Margarita's. For dinner Susie and I were joined by my high school best friend Molly and my good friend Julie from the city. After dinner Susie and I went back to her place and watched two movies while we sewed until 1:30 am.

Sunday morning we sewed for awhile and I headed home at 1 pm. There was a lot of traffic and snow just past the Winlock exit of course. There was a spin out accident from someone driving to fast in the slush. There was snow again and three accidents just past the Rochester exit.

I finished the six blocks I had started during the week and did some piecing. I also got the centers of the last twelve dark blocks along with the 3/3/5/5 blocks sewn together and pinned.  Hopefully, this week I can sew the outside blocks on and the final sashing. Then I will have 16 white blocks to do along with 18 half white blocks.

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