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52 Ancestors - #44 William Tubbs Graves - My Double Great Great Great Great Grandfather

According to James McGee who wrote “A Branch of A Tree – A McGee Family in History”, William Tubbs Graves was the only child of Thomas Graves and Lydia Tubbs. He was probably born in Hudson, Columbia County, New York. Thomas Graves died on June 19, 1783 when he was just 51 years of age and a little over one year after the birth of his only child William on April 13, 1782.

William was 23 years old and his bride Maria (Maritje) Herder was 20 years old when they were married on August 1, 1805.The information for Maria is from the records of the Reformed Church, Claverack, Columbia County, New York, under births and christenings: Maritje Herder, born March 27, 1785, and christened March 28, 1785; and her parents were: Peter Herder and Eva Land (spelled Landt for another child's record). Claverack is 4 miles from Hudson.

William and Maria’s first two children can be easily found in church records: From the records of Saratoga Reformed Dutch Protestant Church, Schuylerville, Saratoga County, New York: Peter Herder Graves, born May 12, 1806, christened June 29, 1806; parents: William J. Graves and Maria Herder.  From the records of the Reformed Dutch Protestant Church, Easton, Washington County, New York: Thomas Graves, born June 14, 1808, and christened July 31, 1808; parents: William J. Graves and Maria Heider. Their second child was my ancestor Thomas Tubbs Graves – my great great great grandfather, who became the father of James A Graves.

William and Maria’s first daughter and third child Eefje (Eva) Graves was born August 20, 1810. Getty Maria Graves was born September 23, 1812.

In 1815 William and Maria moved to Jefferson County, New York from Herkimer County, New York.William L. Graves was born February 2, 1815 in LeRay, Jefferson County, New York. Lydia Graves was born on December 21, 1816. A son John Henry Graves was born January 9, 1819 and he died the next day. On March 1, 1820 William and Maria had another son they named John Henry in Pamelia, Jefferson County, New York.

William and Maria were in Clayton, Jefferson County when their daughter Rebecca was born on February 23, 1823. Rebecca would go on to marry Edward McGee and become the ancestor of James McGee, who has provided the information I have on William, Maria and their family.

William and Maria’s youngest and tenth child is also my ancestor.  Henrietta Graves was born on April 6, 1830. Henrietta married Alexander Beaubier and their eldest daughter Effie Beaubier married James A. Graves, her cousin and the son of her Uncle Thomas Tubbs Graves. Henrietta, who was my great great great grandmother died age 25 years 9 months 5 days on January 11, 1856. It was her brother John Henry who either provided or helped provide a headstone for her grave in the Clayton Village Cemetery in Clayton, Jefferson County, New York.

At some point William and Maria moved to Indiana. William Tubbs Graves died October 5, 1838 in Adams Township, 2 miles east of Fort Wayne, Indiana. He was 58 years old.

Great great great great great great great great great grandparents: Samuel Graves/unknown

Great great great great great great great great grandparents: Mark Graves/Elizabeth Knights

Great great great great great great great grandparents: Thomas Graves/Mary Hopson

Great great great great great great grandparents: Mark Graves/Elizabeth Richardson

Great great great great great grandparents: Thomas Graves/Lydia Tubbs

Great great great great grandparents: William Tubbs Graves/Maria Maritje Herder

Great great great grandparents: Thomas Tubbs Graves/Fidelia N. Riggs

Great great grandparents: James A. Graves/Effie Beaubier

Great grandparents: Jefferson Thomas Graves/Martha Matilda Riches

Grandparents: Effa Belle Graves/Alva Ashbury Tucker

Parents: E. Rosalie Tucker/Lionell Burris Mitchell

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