Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Going Gray Gracefully


On February 12th I got my long hair cut short and my hair lightened to blend in the white (not really gray in front or on top but white, white.) My hair grows at the rate of at least one quarter of an inch a week so I was having to touch up my roots every three weeks. In back it might be only 20% white but the red was getting very dark. After Katie was done it was the color it was when I was kid.

Fast forward seven weeks I had about 3 inches of white on the front, top and sides.I felt like a bald guy doing a comb-over trying to cover the white insides with the red ends. (Katie was amazed at how much it had grown.) So I decided to go lighter and whiter on April 2nd.

At first is was very white with red ends so Katie decided to try and put some ash blond on it and to lighten the ends. I had two of them working on it - Katie putting on the color and her co-worker spraying it with water so it wouldn't get too dark. The back and sides are reddish tint - so I guess that makes me a strawberry blond who is going very white now.

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